Revision Policy

Our greatest desire and commitment is to make sure that we meet our clients’ expectations and our quality standards the very first time we deliver the finished work to our highly valued customers. However, we understand that we may not entirely satisfy our clients the very first time. To ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the quality work we always provide, Top Custom Service operates a revision policy that guarantees our clients free unlimited revisions. Our customers interact with our freelance writers with a guaranteed unlimited access to our communication channels to ensure that our customers can provide directions where their expectations have not been met. Our Quality Assurance Department ensures that all customer complaints and requests for revision are respondent to urgently. We give the satisfaction of our customers the priority in all our engagements. However, directions for change must not conflict with the customer’s original instructions.

We accept unlimited revisions from our customers for an extended duration of at least two weeks after which our customers pay. Many freelance writing companies require that you pay as you submit your order. Here at Top Custom Service, we do things differently. We deliver quality first and satisfy our clients before they can pay for the value delivered. We always operate in a manner that will satisfy your needs as a customer and meet your quality expectations. Remember that clients that are entirely not satisfied are entitled to a refund. The combination of the Money Back Guarantee for unsatisfied customers and the Revision Policy ensure that Top Custom Service delivers on its promise to deliver superior value to our clients. There would be no fear that any of our clients would get a shoddy piece of work done without a say. The final word lies with our valued customers when it comes to the revisions. Top Custom Service takes responsibility to ensure that all revision requests are addressed within the shortest time possible depending on the nature of amendments that our clients require.