Can working class students excel in academics?

working class students and academics

Who are working class students?

A Working class students in this article is defined as any student that happens to work and study side by side. Student life has changed all over the ages with more and more students having to fund for their upkeep and tuition fee. The situation is mutual in all the universities and and the mostly affected students are the ones on exchange programs or students that have gone over sea to find better education. The odds make the students to have to find part time jobs so as to carter for the bills.

Can working class students excel in academics?

To better answer this question we look at the statistics that reveal more on the rational of student performance in Europe.  Statistics from Eurostart reveal that the number of working class students in Europe has been on the rise. What is however alarming is the rate at which performance has been dwindling. The answer is yes working working class students can perform in academics. 

Tips on ways a working class student can excel in academics

practical ways a working class student can perform in academics

  1. Have a time table

    A timetable is an important tool for any student that has time as a limited resource.  The time table is different for each and every student. It should be able to accommodate the working class student schedule to attend classes, work study time, rest and have space for recreation time. Some scholars have argued that a time table should be precise and practicable. A balance should be struck between an study time and recreation. For an average student 2 compulsory hours should be set aside for studying.

  2. Stick to the time table. 

    It is important that the student sticks to the time table. If the time table is well balanced between the most demanding units being allocated more time compared to the less demanding units. The student is assured of success. Disciplines key in this regard and the more discipline a student is the higher his chances of succeeding.

  3. Finish and submit assignments in time.   

    The biggest reason for failure for working students is procrastination and late submitted assignments. A good student should strive to ensure that his assignments are submitted in time and better of as draft first of all. A optimum time to submit a draft is 2 weeks to 4 days to the deadline. The professor looks at the work and latter returns the assignment for corrections. If having problems one may use online essay help services as this one to ensure he excels. 

  4. Have a tutor on the side.

    This is a closely guarded secrete  that most successful working students do not reveal to their peers. The question that lingers is a side tutor cheating? The answer is no. A side tutor is critical especially in areas that you have problems with. The beauty is that the tutor has done it before and will give you work that will sure give you good grades. I recommend this website

In conclusion too much work with no play makes jack a dull boy. Take time to relax and 

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