Case Study Writing

In several colleges and other institutions of higher learning, Case studies remain to play an integral role in determining whether a student achieves academic excellence or not. A case study refers to an extensive investigation of a particular area of interest that can be a company, a person or a group of individuals.

Case Studies assist students in developing hypotheses in areas such as ethnography, management and many more. In most instances, such studies find relevance in marketing, law and nursing.


In a marketing case study, students have to form hypothesis in the marketing strategies of a company. While at this, they are expected to choose carefully a topic, follow a definitive structure that involves a context description of the narrative and a final summary and recommendations of the findings. The student is expected to ensure that he or she knows the marketing tools such as the PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces of Analysis together with the Swot analysis. Besides doing a thorough research on the particular topic or company, the student is expected to show top marketing mix of the price, promotion, place and product. Finally, the student is supposed to crown the case study using relevant and adequate references.

In a legal case study, a student is expected to place a fictional dispute between two parties within a legal context. He or she is supposed to find the precedents that follow that event and also should be in a position to provide several options according to the legal structure of the land.

A nursing case study on the other hand frequently involves a medical report on a given disease. Here, the study entails analysis of the medical history, symptoms and the clinical testing done. In addition, it involves the diagnosis and the treatment undertaken in the given context. Such case studies are written by nurses to doctors so as to track a patientsprogress.

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