Our Prices

Despite the kind of focus the company takes on professionalism and originality in all types of jobs ordered by our clients, Top Custom Service offers a set of competitive prices. Of the many available freelance writing companies, Top Custom Service Company charges prices that are formulated with due consideration of our clients. We primarily care and value the relationships we establish with our customers. There is always a justification for the prices charged for the various jobs depending on category and scope. Value delivery to our clients in the form of error-free quality jobs that are written by experienced, highly competent and qualified professionals match the prices we charge for the orders. Our prices are specially designed to meet the expectations and reach of every customer. We fundamentally understand the diverse community of clients that we serve and purpose to offer the best experiences for all.

Our pricing strategies include a discount clause. All customer orders above $50 attract a 15% quantity discount. The offering of discounts for orders as low as $50 is not a common practice among the writing companies. Thus, Top Custom Services takes concern not only in making money but also on the sacrifices its clients make to access our quality services. We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers when charging prices as evident by the discounts we give, others partially focus on money making. Our company also provides discounts on all referral clients, an indicator that we value the relationships we establish with our esteemed customers. We strive to make our customers enjoy and appreciate every step they walk with us in the search for quality work and memorable experiences that we offer through our cost-friendly charges.

Customers feel safe when making orders with our company knowing that they will only part with their funds at will. Top Custom Services provides a Money Back Guarantee for every client to ensure that we meet the demands of our customers. The money back guarantee is designed to ensure that the company earns only when our clients are happy and satisfied. Under this guarantee to refund the customers whenever they are not pleased with the work done, Top Custom Services ensures that it delivers on its quality promises. The Money Back Guarantee provided by the company empowers every client to request a refund whenever their expectations are not met or anything goes wrong. Our company offers room for customers to ask for either a full or partial refund depending on the level of satisfaction. We conveniently process all the refund requests by the customers within a short period of between four and six working days.